Facebook Newsfeed Changes

Facebook changes you need to know as a business

Facebook is a place of business opportunity but you need to know about the changes and adapt your strategy. There was a time what Facebook was this open platform, all you had to do was have people to like you page and they saw all your posts. Facebook as a social media first evolved by showing posts that the person interacted with ( liked and commented on)in their news feed. As a result the challenge as a social media manger was to keep people constantly engaged by any means. This dropped Facebook promotion results drastically for most companies but social media mangers such as myself just worked harder and got more creative. Facebook was still a relatively open free platform to gain exposure and grow your exposure as a company.

The most recent evolution has further limited the organic results of Facebook posts. Now it is not enough that they interact with some of your posts, they must interact with that type of content for it to show up in their Facebook newsfeed. While this can be interpreted as Facebook showing people only what they want to see in their feeds it also causes people to miss a great deal of posts that they may have been interested in seeing. It also makes it difficult for social media managers to get results with new content types for their posts.

What can you do to get the best results even with the changes to Facebook Newsfeed algorithms?

Posting content that is catered to your audience is still very important to your success but the free days are over. If you want to insure your posts are seen you need to spend a few bucks by promoting your Facebook posts. Overall it does not cost much money but it is the new reality. Every time anyone looks at their Facebook feed they will see promoted posts from businesses in order to compete your business has to promote posts.

If you are a page manager it is simple to promote posts. There is a button on the bottom of the post that says boost post, However there are some things your should know and some rules that Facebook has see our Facebook Boosted Post Guide Below.facebook-boosted-post-guide-trim

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