Cassandra (Now owner of Inspired Marketing) has been my marketing resource for ReproMed Fertility, handling my websites, social media, brochures, business cards and email marketing. I found her to be consistently impressive and great to work with; keeping my marketing heading in the right direction with new ideas and content that engaged my current patients and brought in new patients.

Besides being easy to work with and flexible Cassandra is a person that accepts complete responsibility for projects. I felt very comfortable throughout every project as everything was well explained and progress was always constant. Cassandra successfully developed a cohesive engaging marketing strategy for my infertility practice that resulting in an increase in new patients. The new website even attracted the attention of local news talent which resulted in TV segments for ReproMed Fertility Center. She also established co marketing relationships with charitable and advocacy groups.

If you need to get noticed online or in your area you need Cassandra and Inspired Marketing as your marketing resource. I highly recommend her not just for her technical skills; she is also a pleasure to work with and a great asset to an organization.

Dr. Anil Pinto, ReproMed Fertility Center

Even though Cassandra (President/Owner of Inspired Marketing) and I did not work in the same department, I experienced her good work from seeing it myself and hearing it from many different clients.

I was working on the help desk at the time Cassandra and I worked at the same company and clients would say different things like "I love what you guys have done with our website" or "Have you seen our new website, you guys do an amazing job" when they were talking about the solo team Cassandra the whole time. She does everything with a smile and zero complaining

Larry Slater, Partner at My Tampa IT