Reputation Marketing Management

Reputation-MarketingThe time has passed when your company Reputation Management Typeswebsite was the only information on the internet with the rise of user generated content such as review sites and business listing sites. One disgruntled employee or customer can single-handedly create a lot of negative content online relatively easily. This is where reputation management steps in. It’s vital for businesses to monitor their online reputation to remove erroneous information, and to ensure they are producing enough content that one negative voice doesn’t distract from the other online material about the organization.

why online reputation matters Reputation Management is the management of all the information on the internet particularly management of user generated content about a company. Your website it how you promote your self online but reputation management is about all the ways you are on the internet other than your controlled media like your website or social media.

Reputation Management
Business Listings
Listings that are Up to date and properly representing the company such as Google places for Businesses, Yellow pages, Yelp, Yahoo, Business Finder in case of physicians health grades, vitals, RateMD'S. There are many more an some that are specific to each type of business or industry.

Online Reviews and Forums
It is not just an upset customer or former employees you have to be worried about nowadays disreputable competitors or marketing firms are creating fake negative reviews.

90% of people say their buying decisions are Reputation Managementinfluenced by positive online reviews with two-thirds of people reading online reviews.

SEO and Monitoring Search Results

The reason reputation management is so important also relates to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Research has shown time and time again that being at the top of search engine results is beneficial for a company. About one third of people will click on the very first listing, and in total 85 percent of users will click on a result on the first page. Allowing unfavorable content like negative reviews or posts take precedent over more legitimate, authoritative pages on a company is very bad for the perception of your business. Also review sites are usually one of the first results shown by search engines and it shows your company's information, rating and most recent review.