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Marketing content is not as simple as proper English and descriptions it needs to speak to your target audience in a way that motivates them. All content weather it is website, print or any other type of media should be written in line with marketing strategy and goals. For many companies the biggest challenge experienced with website development and maintenance  is the website content. Website content is different from print and advertising media and is vital to your SEO. Great relevant website content (that your target audience is searching for) is how search engines will show or not show you website.

Our Approach to Website Content

Online Marketing Plan - is our essential first step it establishes an Online Marketing strategy and defines target keywords. The online marketing plan is a guide insures that topics are on point, the website content is relevant, and rich with the target keywords for effective organic SEO. All written content is well researched, enjoyable to reader with catchy titles; keyword rich for search engines to reach your target audience.

Online Marketing Report Element
Effect, importance  and results
Core Purpose- The businesses unique selling proposition This insures that all topics will be relevant to the business purpose, sales and drive the target audience to the website.
Differentiation Elements These need to resonate on all website pages but especially on the home pages and any pages about the company.
Target MarketDefinitionWhat Drives them – what do they expect to receive from your company Aligns the website with business goals and strategy as well as how best to reach your target audience. Determines key types of website content as well as blog topics.
Competitive analysis This helps identify opportunities to differentiate with your website. Also very helpful in determining keywords that will give you an advantage as well as what keywords they are utilizing for their websites.
Current Site Analysis If applicable helps set a starting measurement and assess strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors.
Online Strategy and Media What locations should the company have listings Local Listings, Forums, Professional Associations, and Social Media, ETC these links and listings have a strong effect on SEO.
Goals Utilization of tracking tools to assess the results of content changes, determine ROI and modify content for optimum search engine and website traffic results.

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